Expresses haughty sophistication with special glossy color.

Bluster is a coined word of ocean Blue which means emerald color and Luster which is a German word meaning gloss of glass bowl. Like the meaning of the word, shining Bluster Class is a metal film made through sputtering method of special metal particles for color and optics, it expresses haughty sophistication with special glossy color which can be seen in solar glass when attached to car glass.

In addition, compared with other products which have the same VLT, it has great functions such as remarkably clear visibility during day and night, great IRR and UVR of almost 100%. Special gloss emerald color provides excellent exterior effects and becomes the best solution for consumers who want sophisticated style-look.

BLUSTER Benefits

  • - Excellent Transparency & Visibility
  • - Improved Exterior Styles (Reflective classy natural)
  • - Increase Privacy Effectiveness
  • - Effect of Solar Heat & Harmful UV Blocking
  • - Reducing Eyestrain (Reduces the sun's glare, enhancing visibility)
  • - Prevent Scattering in case of breakage
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