General Film / Low-Yellowing Film

After installation, paint protection films for cars are supposed to become yellowed over time as they are exposed to UV(Ultra Violet). For this reason, premium paint protection film with UV resistant materials, coating, and bonding are on the markets to minimize the yellowing. We call this premium Paint Protection Film a low-yellowing film." That is, the low-yellowing film becomes less yellowed than general films over the same period of time. To be more precise, the low-yellowing film refers to a film which slows down the pace of yellowing.

Nobody would want their new Paint Protection Film to become yellowed in just a short period of time. That's why many car owners want their vehicles to be armored with the low-yellowing film. However, the low-yellowing film costs more than general films due to higher material cost, resulting in overall installation cost getting higher. Even so, the low-yellowing film must be a smarter, reasonable, and cost-effective choice in light of the period you can use the film.

Self-Healing Film / Anti-Fouling Film

Many consumers think that 'every Paint Protection Film is the same.' This not true. As different engine oils are used for different engine types, optimized Paint Protection Film solutions should be applied based on vehicle colors, locations, protection purposes, and even driving habits. For example, the 'Self-Healing' type should be applied to vehicles with black or dark tone colors, and the 'Anti-Fouling' type is suitable for white or bright tone vehicles to prevent contamination on film surface.

If you check whether an installation shop applies this information when installing Paint Protection Film, you will be able to know whether the shop has expertise or not.

Resistance to chemical materials

When it comes to Paint Protection Film, maintenance after installation is very crucial. For example, it happens very often that surface of Paint Protection Film can be damaged by strong acidic chemicals used in a car wash, and this compromises surface clarity of Paint Protection Film. Thus, if you want to preserve clarity and value of your investment, it is essential to choose Paint Protection Film which has resistance to chemical materials.

Gloss & Clarity

Surface of vehicle painting has unwanted texture referred to as "orange-peel" caused by uneven paint leveling on vehicle surface, and sometimes the orange-peel can be deteriorated after Paint Protection Film installation. For this reason, many customers regret having Paint Protection Film installed on their vehicles. Thus, what's important is to ensure that the Paint Protection Film is invisible after installation so that the vehicle maintains its unique color and clarity, maximizing its value.

This is why the gloss and clarity of paint protection film should be checked with your own eyes at specialized paint protection film installation shops. In this way, you will be able to find the best paint protection film for gloss and clarity.

Clif Designs' products will help you review all the guides specified above and decide which products are good for your investment.