Car Window Tint Film - Function Extreme

Optimized for the worst driving environment and climatic conditions

As a customized-product of our function standard model suitable for the market demands based on the accumulated experiences and the best technology of Clifdesigns, Function Extreme is a product equipped with the best durability and performance, designed to show the continuous optical performance by enduring the worst driving environment and cold & hot climatic conditions.

Function Extreme window tint film is composed of multilayered-thin films manufactured by coating the CW(Clear Weatherable)-level fabric with ultra-fine inorganic ceramic. It is equipped with PS-type adhesive for cars and the coated layer with strong resistance for the prevention of scratches.

Even though Function Extreme is composed of multilayered-films, it maintains the perfect transparency, so that it provides the perfect visibility at day and night regardless of the visible light transmittance(VLT). On top of showing the best optical performance like excellent blocking of infrared rays for more than 90% and UV rays close to 100%, it is also free from the reception failure for IT devices.

Furthermore, the sophisticated 'soft-blue' color provides the excellent visual effects, which will increase the value of your car.


  • - Excellent Transparency & Visibility
  • - Effect of Solar Heat & Harmful UV Blocking
  • - Reducing Eyestrain (Reduces the sun's glare, enhancing visibility)
  • - Siginal-Free (Metal-free film won't interfere with electronic devices within a vehicle)
  • - Prevent Scattering in case of breakage
  • - Improved Exterior Styles (Non reflective classy blue)
  • - Increase Privacy Effectiveness
  • - Warrantied for 10 Years against delamination, fade, bubbling and cracking


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